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Started in 2017, SPACEFILLER is a collaboration between Alexander Miller and Alexander Nagy. They create interactive media art that explores simulated systems which exhibit emergence of both order and chaos (for example: crystal formation, bird flocking, and slime mold growth). In parallel to developing interactive emergent systems, SPACEFILLER also infuses these systems with tactility by casting them into physical space via light projection, sound, sculpture, and electronics.

Fantasy Parameter Spaces is SPACEFILLER's first solo gallery show and presents work from their past two years of collaboration, from their first piece (ALGOPLEX I) to brand new projects (Particle Collider). Each piece invites the viewer to manipulate the laws of physics of a miniature make-believe universe in order to discover the boundary between stable and chaotic states of nature.

  • Funding provided by Artist Trust

  • Holographic displays provided by Looking Glass Factory

  • 3D graphics for Terminal #2 powered by Shaderpark

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