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GHOST MASS | Emily Tanner-McLean


DEC 31 - FEB 15


Ghost Mass is a multimedia installation designed to be experienced from outside the gallery. No appointment necessary –– just show up Thursday through Saturday after 5 p.m. through
February 15.


These days, it can feel as if we’re floating through the world like spirits, unable to tangibly engage in it. Yet the world is physically impacting us through events so enormous, complex, and pervasive they seem abstract or surreal. Measuring the gravity of this impact begins with considering the solid, the objective, the truth. Like ghost particles or neutrinos, which are studied to better understand dark matter, Ghost Mass is a piece that gauges what’s missing or lost by interpreting what remains through video projections, sound, and objects.


Emily Tanner-McLean (b. 1983) is an artist whose work explores the transformative potential of liminal, discordant spaces. Her practice encompasses video art and immersive installations that
examine media’s generative capacity to promote new, conscious-building ways of thinking, particularly within moments of apparent paradox. Emily received a Bachelor’s degree in Studio
Art and a Master’s in Public Administration from New York University.  


All photos by Christian Sorensen Hansen,

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