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FIELD NOT FRAME | Tannaz Farsi Curated by Julia Greenway

Field not Frame presents newly realized works from Tannaz Farsi, addressing themes of fragmentation, structural blindness and individual agency. Referring to her process as “remembering and recording to prolong the presence of easily erased moments that arise from the complexities of colonialist legacies,” Farsi presents sculptural and installation work that explores language as code and structure to address the shifting levels of consciousness and identity in the digital age.

On the ground floor of Glassbox gallery, Farsi presents new sculptural work in relationship with floor placed installation materials. The newly metallic chrome iteration of Untitled (Crowd Control) occupies the southeast gallery, the work’s stoic physicality compliments its directness of message. Upstairs, Farsi creates an installation using security lighting and text based sculptural works that directly references displacement, isolation, and a systemic inequity that dictates the boundaries of our social, structural, and digital systems.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center as supportive programming to A Cloud of Petals by Sarah Meyohas the second of four exhibitions of the Season 7 Curator in Residence Program curated by Julia Greenway.

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