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UNVIRTUAL | neon saltwater

Neon Saltwater exists as a collection of dreamy virtual spaces that express realms both unspoken and beyond our existence. It is inspired by obscure memories and nostalgia for another decade, era, planet or even another life. Neon Saltwater straddles the border between what is familiar and strange with its use of pastel colors and textures, neon lighting, surrealistic sunsets and architectural forms inspired by the interior design elements of the 1980s and '90s.

Until now, Neon Saltwater has only existed on a screen, leaving the viewer with a longing to experience more fully the euphoric loneliness it creates. UNVIRTUAL provides a real environment in which to absorb colorful textures, video, surfaces, furniture, sound and objects that capture our longing for the past and other dimensions. It will exist for six weeks to inspire personal responses and conversations.

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