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Hollow Earth: documents | John O'Donnell

John O’Donnell’s exhibition “Hollow Earth: Documents” at Glass Box Gallery is an exhibition of sculpture, drawings, prints and pamphlets addressing representations of Hollow Earth. The Hollow Earth hypothesis suggests that the planet earth contains large empty interior and variety of subterranean realms. It has been the topic of scientific inquiry since the 17th century and a substantial amount of writings have been generated in response to the idea. Amazing and ridiculous images emerge from these conspiracy theories: a race of subterranean aliens, UFO docking stations, reptilian humanoids and many other bizarre manifestations of life. This concept has been investigated by religion, science, science fiction, literature, folklore, mythology and conspiracy theory. O’Donnell continues this investigation through a lens of conspiracy theory language to draw attention to mysteries that exist with in the earth, society and ourselves. All of the work featured in "Hollow Earth: Documents" have been created while a resident at Wassaic Artists Residency in Wassaic, NY

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