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islanded | Serrah Russell

landscape too is a contested arena. - Joseph Beuys a woman both exists and is obliterated. - Rebecca Solnit ISLANDED is an exhibition of new works of collage, photography, video and sculpture by Serrah Russell. The works continue an ongoing investigation of emotional experience in relationship to one's surrounding environment. This work is about isolation and independence, about not knowing where you are or where you want to be and about the distance between. // Often thought of as a place for escape and rest, islands are full of inspiration and romanticism, yet also isolation and a mysterious darkness. Inspired by the contrasting nature of islands and intrigued by the San Juan islands close proximity to her urban city life, Russell embarked on multiple solitary trips to the islands where she collected, photographed and experienced the landscape. Upon return to her home in the city, Russell reviewed, edited and re-contextualized the collected source material to create the works for ISLANDED. The works join together to create an abstracted portrait of the emotion and landscape of the islands. This story reveals the islands’ complexities and contradictions, as well as our own. ISLANDED is a solo exhibition in two parts. This exhibition at Glass Box gallery is the first, to be followed by an exhibition in situ, at a TBD island location. Details to be announced later in the year. This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

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