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things I was meant to have said yesterday | Mark von Rosenstiel

We divide the time given to us in our lives through a series of personal, group, and voyeuristic practices. These practices are both conscious and unconscious, with their perceived individual outcomes not necessarily expressing who we believe ourselves to be. “things I was meant to have said yesterday” is a collection of work that explores and dissects a few of these practices through video and sculptural pieces.

Mark von Rosenstiel is a conceptual artists using mathematical algorithms that interact with and explore human relationships and emotions. Through feedback loops and technology he strives to reveal the middle ground people occupy -- the undeniably human place where truth is agonizingly close, but never touched. Mark’s site specific installations create internalized representations of the human experience that explore the boundary between observation and participation.

Mark’s work has been featured in galleries across the globe, from Seattle to Bangkok. He lectures on ideas of incompleteness, randomness, and scale variance in relation to art practice and the potential to discover truths by creative means.

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