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#SWO | Brendan Griffin

What is #Swo?”

#Swo is about believing in yourself, the faith you put into yourself, and allowing yourself to feel confidence. When you dream, do you fly? Or, are you firmly planted on the ground? #Swo is about believing in - for some - a new feeling of trust, which, you can install into

yourself like software. Selfware. It’s knowing you have your mind on bigger things and making the world a better place. It’s also knowing you will. Whatever anyone focuses their mind towards becomes real in one way or the other. Either in a physical, abstract,

or quantum-dimensional plane or reality.

“Music and colors make one another. Who cares if they don’t see it? Don’t you know that they’re the same?” Let yourself, feel this…as you enter the space. #Swo

#Swo in this space is an oracular module designed for empathy and a journey. Let that be your take away. Let yourself, heal yourself. As ambient tones mesh with color and slide onto fingernails, remember these tones. Remember the willingness to believe, these tones could be color. It’s the belief that you should have in yourself.

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